How to Store Your Sneakers And Keep Them Looking New After Many Years

How to Store Your Sneakers And Keep Them Looking New After Many Years

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Your hardest-working ensembles are sneakers, and they are also one of the most expensive possessions to replace. Your shoes can stay flexible and wearable for years if you know how to maintain them properly. And in the long run, you will be saving a lot of money by properly caring for them.

There are many ways to store shoes, but a few things are essential no matter what. The most crucial things are to maintain them dry, clean, and in good form at all times. These shoe storage suggestions can help you get going whether you need to store them temporarily or permanently.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of top 10 ways you can store your sneakers:

  1. Choose the Proper Storage Unit

The first step in storing your shoes is to choose a location that will offer the most protection from them. You'll have another line of defense against your shoes getting damaged while they are being stored. You must protect them from harsh weather, pest penetration, and dust.

  1. Organize and classify your Sneakers

As you sort through your shoes, keep in mind that the cost of your storage will depend on how much space you need to use. Group your shoes once you've determined what you're going to keep. Sorting your shoes by how frequently you wear them is one of the best ways to store them. It will also make it easy to put shoes in and out of storage, minimizing the risk of damage.

  1. Use a shoe tree for storing Sneakers

Shoes can suffer damage from gravity, dampness, and aridity. The natural creases and folds that appear in worn-out shoes eventually turn into structurally irreversible deformations.

Additionally, materials stiffen with age. In most cases, vintage shoes spent too much time in storage without being shaped or filled, resulting in curled leather insoles and crumpled toe boxes. So always ensure you use shoe tree to store your sneakers.

  1. Before storing shoes, clean them thoroughly

Shoes should be completely cleaned and treated with leather conditioner before being put away. Put just enough material inside your sneakers to expand the toe box and heel but not enough to smoothen them out. Before putting the filled shoes in their storage containers, wrap them in a piece of muslin or acid-free paper.

  1. Assemble premium packing and storage supplies

Your shoes will sustain considerable damage regardless of how advanced your storage facility is if you don't shield them with premium packing and storage supplies. You should, at the very least, buy: 

  • Clip-on lids for plastic containers
  • Packing paper
  • Sized cardboard boxes for shoes
  • Anti-microbial Spray
  • Tape for packing
  1. To ensure adequate protection, carefully pack your storage boxes

The original shoe box makes the perfect storage container for your footwear. You should get cardboard boxes of a comparable size if you have already disposed of these ones. To assemble each box:

  • Each box should be lined with packing paper to provide a cushion for your shoes.
  • Put a ball of packing paper into each shoe to keep it from sagging.
  • Make sure that each shoe is thoroughly clean before putting it in packing paper.
  • Put the shoes inside the box after they have been wrapped, and tape the lid shut.
  • Put boxes in plastic containers.
  1. Maintain a climate-controlled space for your shoes

Extremes in temperature and humidity degrade textiles, loosen glues, and make leather brittle, making climate-controlled storage the best option for shoes.

 After a season or two of hard treatment, shoes stored in basements or attics for an excessively long time can no longer be worn.

  1. Incorporate silica packets into lightweight footwear

Summer footwear is usually made of flimsy materials and is lightweight. Add a package of silica gel to the storage container for espadrilles and cork soles to get rid of moisture since they don't handle variations in humidity well. Keep shoes with vibrant colors away from direct sunlight to prevent bleaching.


 Your sneakers can last a very long time with some preparation. Make sure you're taking the right steps to clean and preserve your brand-new sneakers. It also depends on the type of shoe.





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