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CZ6398-101 Nike Drops Eco-Friendly Space Hippie 04 Astronomy Blue

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The entire shoe is made from at least 25 per cent recycled material by weight, and it’s the lightest silhouette within the Space Hippie line, also with the lowest carbon footprint. Boasting breathable “Space Waste Yarn,” the shoe’s uppers are made from 85 per cent recycled polyester that’s been sourced from plastic bottles, T-shirts and yarn scraps. A crisp white tag is placed at the top of the sneaker, complemented by a set of ecru-toned laces, while the sidewalls are etched with an intricately woven Swoosh that resembles that of traditional Japanese sashiko weave. All of these features rest atop a light blue Crater Foam midsole that’s been engineered for optimal cushioning and support. The shoe also comes with a shoebox made from re-purposed materials, detailed with plant-based ink.